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Remember, there are 3! Our brains are the best of allies but sometimes play tricks on us. Our sense of smell, so precious to our well-being, can thus detect and recognize the most subtle smells, while ignoring those that are part of our daily life. You have certainly tried to smell your own body odor or perfume after a long day, to no avail. This is explained by the fact that when the brain enters the phase of olfactory adaptation, it no longer sends an olfactory signal. A registered odor therefore becomes common. The scent of a candle acts in the same way on the brain. Thus, after a few days, we are unable to feel its sweet scent. So get the two other Aime D scents. Alternating between your indoor scented atmospheres will allow you to never tire of them. Craftsmanship is the key word Aime.D candles are hand-cast with 100% vegetable wax. It is associated with perfumes produced in Grasse. The wick is cotton. The olfactory quality of each candle is preserved thanks to the pouring of the perfume concentrate produced at low temperature. Take care of AimeD Some advice for optimal use We suggest that you burn the candle in 1 to 3 hour increments, and no more than 4 hours. Never leave a burning candle unattended or near flammable objects. Keep it out of the reach of children. Do not move the candle presented is lit and wait for the wax to cool to do so. To avoid dips, extinguish your candle when all of the top layer of wax is melted. Finally, combustion is better when you cut the wick 0.5cm before each use. Technical sheet 38h of combustion 140g net weight 340g gross weight

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